Our mission is simple:

Make the United States the #1 location for blockchain
and digital asset companies

We are the voice of the US . industry

What is the USBCA?

The United States Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade organization formed in March 2018 of leading industry companies and professionals advocating for US governmental acceptance and healthy public and regulatory policy around blockchain-based technologies and digital assets in Washington DC so they are more widely understood, used and accepted.

Our Community Work

The USBCA's work in the industry starts with local events each month operated by Directors leading each chapter. They bring the community together, gather crucial feedback and input, help educate and connect members.
USBCA chapters in turn represent state and city blockchain and crypto asset interests when relaying the needs and desires of the local community to the national association.
At USBCA National in Washington D.C., we represent and lobby for our chapters and provide them the voice needed in our nations capital so they are heard while meaningful and beneficial policies are positively influenced for the sake of the industry overall.

Our Government Work

The United States Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association represents the United States blockchain and cryptocurrency industries as a whole by advocating for sound industry practices, regulation and public policies that foster efficient, transparent and fair standards for the use of blockchain technologies, decentralized assets, and cryptocurrency.
In support of USBCA chapters and its members, the national association acts as a liaison relaying local professional blockchain communities needs and desires with our nations government and regulatory leaders at the highest levels such as the President, members of Congress and specific regulatory bodies such as the Federal Trade Commission or the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Policy Positions

The USBCA is committed to promoting policies that protect the blockchain and cryptocurrency’s future. We are continuously updating so stay with us and check back for more.  Our policy positions fall into following general areas:


One of the hottest national topics in the industry, securities regulation around crypto assets also remains one of the most important to the growth of this industry in the United States


With the US patent system beginning to show signs of its age, patent applicants across the nation are suffering as more applications are made every year while approvals grind to a halt


With a prudent and appropriate approach to taxation of crypto assets, the US could realize billions in untapped tax revenue that could help drive our country's future tech leadership and position globally


Many US businesses work hard to innovate, developing globally competitive crypto or blockchain-based products and services, yet are unfairly penalized when they go to market

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